About Sneltray

SNELTRAY has specialized itself in the production of PET trays for market gardening. The PET sheet on rolls are produced by our sister companies ( SNELCORE and FOLIETECHNIEK ) using advanced extrusion technology. This technology enables us to use 100% recycled material. Production scraps are immediately re-processed, providing an optimal logistic performance as raw materials are concerned.

For SNELTRAY the environment has high priority. We only use eco – friendly / – beneficial material  ( P.C.W. PET )  and make sure that resources are dealt sensibly. Our recycling methods undergo ongoing optimization.

Thanks to our over 20  years of horticultural experience through our partners, our PET  – know-how, inventiveness and our  flexibility we are  also your partner for  the development of new products : we will always try to fulfil wishes / demands regarding new or improved products and / or alternative materials.