The precursor of SNELCORE,  Texplast  started thermoforming  base cups  for 1,5 and 2 Liter  PET bottles. Base cups glued on PET Bottles, later cut off  to enable recycling the the clear bottle. In the early 90s the base cups gradually disappeared and the production of the base-cups was ceased.

The existing thermoforming equipment and the availability of large volumes of  recycled jazz, forced Texplast to a  different solution or application.  In close cooperation with a distributor of tools, accessories and materials for the agriculture –  and horticulture industry, the first PET transport trays and trays with bottom-drainage were developed.
These activities were listed in a new entity, which eventually became Snelcore.

In 2007, because of the growth and consequently lack of space,  SNELTRAY BV was founded and the thermoforming equipment was moved from the Snelcore premises to the nearby Huissen.

In 2009 a new thermoforming line was  installed for the production of new trays, smaller volumes and fast(er) response times.

In 2013 another thermoforming line was added as a part of the project  to increase volumes and process – optimalisation.  This to enable us to meet the demand  of customers in the market place : fast response time,   tailored to each client’s specific needs,  mainly during the peak season.