SNELTRAY has launched a new carrier-tray. The tray is made from 100% rPET and developed – and are optimal for carrying drinking cups and / or drink bottles. The tray is very convenient and widely used at festivals and events.

Today, many festivals etc. want to minimize waste and recognize the importance of the environment. Therefore they offer their drinks in PET glasses. After use, the visitors can dispose the empty glasses in special bins which are clearly visible and recognizable at strategic places.

The previous version of a carrying tray was made of Cardboard. This caused a lot of litter, and contamination of the recycle bins.

The new tray and all other PET waste, such as mineral water bottles, beverage – and CSD bottles can be disposed in the bins too. The collected PET waste can be transported directly to the recycling site.

The Standard color is CLEAR, but is also available in WHITE and BLACK, other color upon request.  If desired, the tray can be provided with its own (brand) name or logos of sponsors.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service dept.